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Model? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The school? Meetings with Italian artisans, embroiderers and suppliers. This is how Gabriele Moratti, Daniele Sirtori and Vanni Laghi they founded Redemption, a brand born not so much for bets, as often happens, but for solidarity: 50% of the profits of 2018 were donated to charities like the Amfar. In between, there is music, from the Doors to Led Zeppelin, there are the shots by Lindbergh, there is Place des Vosges and a whole rock world that gives a nod to the wisdom of weavers for a timeless and contemporary wardrobe. The REDEMPTION woman flirts with chic biker codes making her own some cult items such as the Perfecto leather jacket, a collection carry-over garment that she interprets with personality and sensuality. Always.


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