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Kappa Kontroll

In 1956 Maglificio Calzificio Torinese - today BasicNet - produced Aquila branded stockings and underwear: an old name, born in the Twenties, which by now had to be changed. But how? The answer came thanks to a stock of stockings wrong and distributed by mistake: the customers returned the goods and the reputation of the company, born in 1916, was at risk.
The president then labeled the new productions with a K accompanied by the word KONTROLL to guarantee its quality. The market appreciated and began to ask for "stockings with Kappa", and from a mistake the brand was born.
And sixty years later, the "Kappa Kontroll" collection reinterprets some iconic garments from the 1980s in a street style, when Kappa was now an international sports brand.

Kappa Kontroll

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