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Discover the AMEN collections: t-shirts, dresses, shirts and much more for men and women on Michele Franzese Moda. Do not forget our sales section too. The brand was launched in 2003, it goes beyond the concept of collection, it is contemporary and avant-garde at the same time. Born from the will of the entrepreneur Jacopo Tonelli, to support a modern approach to luxury, with a great know-how on embellishment: each item is a special creation, designed to be timeless and in which each piece is conceived as a precious jewel. A unique mix of creativity and craftsmanship, mixed with essentiality and innovation, draw on both Western and Eastern culture. The name AMEN has a universal meaning: "so be it and so it will be". Eccentric and sophisticated, the AMEN woman has no doubts: she is modern, contemporary and stands out for her strength and determination. From the beginning the brand has distinguished itself for a refined clientele that wants to follow the trends, but able to interpret her own style with confidence and originality.


LuxuryOfLove S.R.L.

Via Antonio d'Auria 22 80121 Sant'Anastasia (NA)

+39081 5306493

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