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In a fashion world that moves faster and faster, the hype and the ability to juggle the maze of the fashion game often determine the success of a brand.
This is contrasted by the research and development of this form of art towards a new evolution, starting from the foundations: from the thread, from the fabric, from the dyeing process. All elements that give identity to the Nemen garment, the Italian brand that has long moved undisturbed in the utilitarian and technical clothing sector, reaching an increasingly rare level of quality and development these days.
With an incredible story behind it, populated by the most important and visionary figures of contemporary fashion, thanks also to an internal laboratory Nemen is the excellent example of what experimentation means: in fabrics as in drawings.
An approach much more similar to haute couture than to sportswear, which has produced unexpected results by bringing products to new, still unexplored territories.


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