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He moved from video art to fashion, from Malibu to a non-place and to a code in which multiple influences coexist.
M1992 by Dorian Stefano Tarantini, dj and designer, was born as a rebranding of Malibu1992: from music and video clips to fashion the step was short. The first work, in 2014, staged the images of 200 years of Western decline in 23 minutes of video.
Now the designer draws inspiration from the history of the Italian pret-a-porter of the 80s, with a breath of nostalgia for an exuberant decade re-read with the eyes of those who come from streetart.
A mix that has convinced the trend addicts from all over the world, from Singapore to Shanghai via Los Angeles and then, in Italy Stefania Mode Trapani and Antonia, but also Parisian and Oriental luxury realities.


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