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Greg Lauren


Founded in 2011, the Greg Lauren brand of the namesake designer, nephew of the famous designer Ralph Lauren, starts from art. The designer graduated in History of Art at the University of Princeton and decided only later to devote his energies to the world of fashion. His collections for men and women are made up of pieces that are deliberately raw, androgynous and deconstructed. A lover of military aesthetics, he explores this world in all its facets proposing in its item the generally used image of the soldier's items and its objects of use. Experimental in his constructive and deconstructive design approach, his works are works of art and clothing at the same time.

Greg Lauren jacket Greg Lauren | 13 | GLFW18M041ARMYNAVY
Biker model multicoloured jacket in cotton destroyed effect with laces and patches
€ 4850.00

Fall / Winter 2018
Greg Lauren sweatshirt Greg Lauren | -108764232 | GLFW18M053NAVY
Blue and white striped hooded sweatshirt in cotton with denim details
€ 2010.00

Fall / Winter 2018
Greg Lauren sweatshirt Greg Lauren | -108764232 | GLFW18M065GREY
Green and grey hooded sweatshirt in cotton vintage effect with distressed fabric
2 - 3
€ 1495.00

Fall / Winter 2018
Greg Lauren trousers Greg Lauren | 1672492985 | GLFW18M206ARMYNAVY
Green, grey and black trousers in cotton and wool with coulisse and embroidered graphics
2 - 3
€ 1585.00

Fall / Winter 2018
Greg Laurent trousers Greg Lauren | 1672492985 | GLFW18M226GREY
Green and grey trousers in cotton vintage effect with denim details
2 - 3
€ 1755.00

Fall / Winter 2018

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