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Born in 1914 in one of the most illustrious families in Florence, Emilio Pucci, Marquis of Barsento, was born in Naples on November 20, 1914, heir to the noble Florentine family of the Pucci family. As a young man he dedicated himself to skiing and was selected in 1934 by the Italian national Olympic ski team, taking part in the 1936 Winter Olympics. He won a scholarship to practice skiing at Reed College in Oregon, where he was able to make his first clothes, as a painting enthusiast, by designing the uniform of the school's ski team. At the beginning of 1947 he started skiing as a ski instructor at Sestriere, but returned to Florence in search of better luck, taking an interest in fashion. His career as a fashion designer took off by chance: in 1947, in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar, an important American fashion magazine, is published by Toni Frissel, in which a "dashing gentleman" appears in a modern ski suit. Pucci was driven by the desire to free women, granting them unprecedented freedom of movement. Set up in his atelier in the large Pucci family palace in the heart of Florence, Emilio began working closely with fabric producers who were experts in Italy to patent revolutionary stretch fabrics unlike fabrics that were commercially available at the time. Pucci was driven by the desire to free women, granting them unprecedented freedom of movement. His silk and stretch cotton sweaters were weightless, without lining and anti-wrinkle - forerunners for a modern and travel wardrobe that has captivated a new generation of modern and active women. His first boutique was '' La Canzone del Mare '' on the island of Capri, even then a glamorous tourist destination, where he developed wearable but chic sportswear: "Capri" trousers, men's silk twill shirts, jersey tops and lines, all in bright colors that evoked the natural beauty of the island.

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